What Is Public Bar Live?

Public Bar Live is D.C.’s premier sports bar. Specializing in a live sports viewing experience, as well as a first class music hall, Public Bar Live is the only place you need!

We have over forty big screens that show all major sporting events, including international soccer and college sports. Our stage will host many local musicians, as well as national touring artists.

On the weekends, take in the sounds of the DJ from the dance floor, or enjoy bottle service at one of our tables.

State-of-the-art sound and lighting systems create an all-encompassing experience.

Get To Know The Venue
The Bars
The bar is equipped with all tools for a good time. There are four bars: one underneath the stage, one near the stairwell, a rooftop bar, and another on the second-story space. The renovation includes opening up the space for 150 drinkers overlooking Connecticut Avenue NW.
The Mezzanine
A mezzanine level upstairs is catering to luxury bottle service, featuring a glass railing overlooking the stage below. The stage was built high so that Mezzanine ticket holders have prime sight lines. Perfect for exclusive parties for a public show.
The Stage
The 24 foot stage is built over tiles and perfectly placed for an amazing sound system. This live venue makes a full house concert feel like a close experience for everyone no matter how far you are to the stage itself.
Where to Find Us
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