Top Five Pros & Cons of Hosting Your Super Bowl Party

at a Sports Bar vs Home

Super Bowl Party Game Day

Let’s be honest, we all know the know that hosting parties can both rewarding and stressful. Does the benefit of not having to leave your house trump the cleaning up later? Here are some pros and cons of hosting this year’s Super Bowl party at home versus at a local sports bar!

Pros for Hosting at Home:

Hosting a Super Bowl Party

Designated Host – How great is it to be able to drink and not have to drive home? In fact, your bed is just a mere 20 steps away if you celebrate too hard at this year’s Super Bowl Party and find yourself needing a half time nap.

Where’s the restroom? The bathrooms at your place are guaranteed to be clean, but perhaps not by the end of the night…. 

Praise the Chef If you love to cook, this is a great time to whip out that pulled pork nachos recipe that’s been in your drawer. If you don’t like to cook, a number of restaurants near you are just a Postmates click away for wings, hoagies, sliders and more! Either way, people will be in awe of your culinary skills.

Two’s Company, Three (or more) is a Crowd: You have one TV and a house full of people. So while you’ll have some avid followers of football at your Super Bowl party, you may have a few people who walk in, out, love to make conversation, or generally like to distract the viewers. Or maybe you have just one (1) TV and 20 people all crowding around it.

Can I bring my kids? Yes, as we get older more and more of us are bringing our little ones everywhere we go. Sometimes it’s great to see them, and other times they can be a distraction, or liability. Especially with Uncle Joe who curses like a sailor when the opposing team scores. Ear muffs!


Cons for Hosting at Home/Pros for Going Out:

Sports Bar Super Bowl Party

Cleaning – ‘nuf said. After the game is over you’re often the “last man standing” in your kitchen surrounded by piles of dishes, numerous bags of trash and recycling, and a stain or two on the carpet that “no one knows how that got there.” When you go out you can leave the catering, cocktails and clean up to the bar. And many bars (cough, cough – Pubic Bar Live) would be happy to customize a party package for groups of 6 to 60 at this year’s Super Bowl! 

Wait, you have a what-allergy? Yes, many of today’s sports fans may be picky eaters. Having to accommodate many requests can be a headache. Hosting your event at a venue that has a menu that accommodates all types of dietary consideration is another win-win!

TVs, TVs, Everywhere TVs – Sure, your 52” Samsung looks great in your living room, but can everyone standing in your kitchen and the hallway see it? If the bar you select has, say…50 TVs then everyone is sure to never miss a play when your cousin run past the screen to great her new boyfriend as the final touchdown is thrown.

Adult Night Out – Most bars won’t let you bring in children or dogs so there are no distractions, having to take Fido for a walk, change a diaper or talk over a screaming child.  

Show Me the Money – As the host/hostess, you’re often the one footing the bill for the food and booze. Let’s be honest potlucks and BYOB result in a 6 pack of crappy beer that stays in the back of your fridge for months to come and the 5th bag of tortilla chips long after the guac is done. When you host at a bar everyone is on their own for food & beverage, and you’re only paying for what you consume.

I don’t know about you, but hitting your favorite sports bar for Super Bowl guarantees less money spent, less clean up and zero awkwardness of having to kick everyone out when the game is over, but people aren’t done partying.