6 Tips To Planning An Epic Work Private Event

Location, Location, Location…

Fun Venue Public Bar Live D.C.

Your venue choice can make or break your work event.  What you may be envisioning as an epic night can turn into an epic failure real fast if your venue sucks.

Look for a Washington D.C. private event venue with a vibe that’s fun, not stuffy.  An atmosphere that says “we’re not at work anymore!” and allows your co-workers to let loose, have fun, and enjoy a night to remember. 

You can gage how your event might turn out by feeling out the staff at the venue.  If you go in to check out the venue and you get an attitude with every interaction you have with the staff…run…run fast and don’t even consider the place.  The staff will shape your employees experience at your event, so be sure they’re solid.

Food & Drink Offerings Speak Volumes

Signature Cocktails PBL

Know Your Employees…

The food and drink you offer your employees will speak volumes to the way they feel about the event.  If you throw some fast food at them they absolutely won’t feel appreciated. In fact, it could leave a lasting impression of feeling under appreciated. 

Are there mostly women in your office?  Most likely they’re not into hot weiners.  Work with your venue to create a menu that’s appropriate for your employees.  Don’t overcomplicate it, but do use your intuition and make it fun.  

I never met a man or woman who wouldn’t love a taco bar and signature margarita or specialty Mexican beer!  Yumm! Yes, please!

D.C. Taco Bar

My husband works a hardcore, dirty job.  All the employees at his plant are male. It is a physically demanding job and they’re on the go non-stop.  So, yeah, these guys can work up an appetite. Offering them champagne and light appetizers probably wouldn’t cut it for a work event for them.  But pulled pork sliders, wings, and beer—hell yeah, they’d be happy!

Consider The Time of Day & The Entertainment…

Plan on dancing the night away?  Offering lighter fare will keep your guests energy and spirits high and they’ll be fueled for an epic night of dancing fun.

Having an afternoon brunch?  You may want to consider serving a lighter cocktail like champagne, or mimosas.

Gathering a work crew to view a big sports gameNachos, burgers, and wings are not only appropriate—they’ll be appreciated!  

Offer A Signature Cocktail, Specialty Brew, or Luxury Bottle Service

Working with your venue to create a signature cocktail or specialty beer to offer your guests creates a very specific experience and will leave your employees feeling cared for in a way that makes them feel that company love!  

Reserving Public Bar Live’s mezzanine for your work-crew to enjoy a live concert experience with luxury bottle service leaves a lasting impression and lets them know they’re valued employees.  Not to mention…it keeps em talkin for weeks…and keeps that company morale high!  

Create a Killer Invite

Want a good turnout for your work event?  Take the time to create a killer invitation.  Make it cool and fun and they‘ll understand it’s gonna be a night they won’t want to miss! 

Invite early to create a buzz in the office about the party.  It’ll give them something to look forward to and boost workplace morale.  

There are a ton of easy-to-use tools on the internet to create an awesome invite.  Google it and you’ll find endless sites to help you.      

Share the invite in multiple ways to create even more buzz.  Take the time to hand write the employees name on a printed invitation.  Post a digital version in any online work groups or social media sites that are used for employees only.  Then, send out reminders in email using catchy subject lines.

You could even have the boss film a funny video invite that sets the tone for an amusing night of entertainment!  Get creative with it!

Set a Budget

Create a spreadsheet and make a list of all anticipated expenses for the private event.  Including food, beverage, venue, any rentals you may need, any transportation you may offer.

Include tip and taxes in your budget.  Tipping the staff at your chosen venue is customary and shows appreciation for a great event.  Usually, 15-20% of the food and beverage bill.     

What about entertainment?  Will you be hiring a DJ? Check with your venue for entertainment options. 

Don’t forget to include your invites and any giveaways you may be offering.

It’s always smart to include a contingency budget for unexpected costs.  Experts say 5-15% of your expected costs should do the trick.

Capture The Moment

Private Events Venues DC

Capturing compelling images of your epic bash is smart on so many levels.

It will:

  • Give your employees awesome work-related memories
  • The photos can be hung in a common area in the office to generate joy-filled feelings of appreciation
  • You can use the images to promote your company’s work culture on the company’s social media sites, website, or other areas in your business.  Not only do people want to work for a fun company, people want to do business with companies that cultivate a cool vibe.

Consider hiring a professional photographer to capture the event.  Ask them to be sure to capture candid images from your employees perspective too as these can help to communicate the vibe of the night.

Or, you could go the photo booth with fantastic props route.  You can rent a photo booth or, if the budget doesn’t allow it, simply DIY one to capture the excitement of the night.

Send ‘em Home With Swag

And the 6th tip for planning an epic work event…send ‘em home with swag!  

Sending your employees home with a small gift or keepsake is just another way to show them they are appreciated and it creates a reminder of the night.

It doesn’t have to be a lavish gift, but it can be if that’s how your company rolls!

Sending them home with swag with the company logo on it is a great marketing opportunity too.  Companies can have all sorts of cool swag created to get their brand logo out there.  


  • T-shirts
  • Gym Bags
  • Water Bottles
  • Industry Specific Items-Like Tools, Tool Bags, Portfolios, Scrubs, Power Banks etc.
  • Jackets
  • Hoodies
  • Tote Bags

You can also do giveaways as rewards.  Offer gift cards to your favorite restaurants or stores, bonuses, or more expensive gifts like electronics to employees for specific accomplishments or as incentives for meeting company goals.  

Now, get planning that legendary corporate event bash!  Your employees deserve it!  

If you’re in the D.C. area, check out Public Bar Live for an epic work bash experience!