Milestone Birthday Party Ideas: 21st, 30th, or 40th —
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Every year, like it or not, we acknowledge we’ve journeyed another 365 days around the sun since we were born into this great big world.

Although every birthday is a cause for celebration, we sometimes don’t celebrate all of our birthdays.  Milestone birthdays mark those big birthdays that seem to take on a new season in life.  

Whether you’re celebrating a 21st, 30th, or 40th, birthday—we’ve got some tips and party ideas to make the occasion special.

21st Birthday!

21st birthday party ideas

Celebrating a 21st birthday is hands down one of the biggest milestones of a person’s life thus far.  It’s a day most teens dream of, especially after leaving high school and entering into college.

A 21st birthday means you are officially an adult.  I know, I know…you thought you became an adult at 18…well, yeah, you can vote, but 21 is even more exciting—you can buy things you weren’t allowed to buy at 18.  

You can go into a bar and have a drink.  Society doesn’t see you as dependent on your parents anymore, and it’s a time when a lot of young adults are finishing up, or about to finish, college. 

Adulting is upon you and it is an important rite of passage to acknowledge and celebrate. 

Here are a some of our favorite ideas to celebrate a 21st birthday:

30th Birthday!

30th birthday party ideas

A 30th birthday is the birthday that says: “No joke, you really are an adult now.”  You have grown into a mature adult and are taking on more life responsibilities. You have a pretty good picture of what you want for your future and are working towards your personal and professional goals.

Check out these 30th birthday celebration ideas:

40th Birthday!

40th birthday party ideas

The thought of turning 40 horrifies some folks, but the fact is you know exactly who you are, you know what you love and what you absolutely refuse to waste your precious time on. 

Here are some grown-ass ways to celebrate moving into this new season of life. 

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