Keep Your Team Inspired! 

The Perfect Guide To Throwing Your Next Event

Inspired Team Company Events

Define The Goal of Event

Set a Budget

One of the very first things you must do after defining the goal of your company event, is to define your budget.

Create a spreadsheet of all expected expenses for your event.  Keep in mind any travel and transportation costs, venue, food and beverage, rentals, vendors, marketing, and don’t forget taxes and tips. 

Now, once you have a number…add at least a 15% contingency budget for any surprises or unexpected costs.  

If you own a small business and don’t have a giant budget available to you but want to gather your workforce to connect and build morale, consider getting everyone together at a restaurant or a cool sports bar where you can buy everyone appetizers and a round or two of drinks, and then they can be on their own to pay for what they want beyond what you offer.  

Employees will appreciate the effort you put forth to spend time with them outside of work and it will speak volumes to how valued they are as your employees, all while not breaking your small business bank roll. 

Delegate an Event Team

Having others involved in the planning will not only take the stress of planning the event alone off a single individual, it will also drum up excitement for the event.  

Asking team members to volunteer to get involved in the planning and execution process of your company’s event will give them an opportunity to have their creative ideas heard and executed and will give them ownership over the outcome and experience of the event.

Choose a Theme for Your Company Event

Let’s face it, a good theme can create magic at your event!  

Choosing a theme for your corporate event will set the tone for a fun time and will help them to relax and have fun.  A great theme can create lasting memories for your employees to chat and laugh about for a long time…which of course, boosts company morale.  

A good theme choice will also create awesome photo opportunities and set a cool and fun work vibe that can translate beautifully on social media…which is always great for perspective new talent to see, especially when they may be deciding—Would I like to work for this company?  What is their work culture like?

Aim to Bring Employees Together

Bonding Team Events

Keeping the vibe positive and inclusive will encourage enthusiasm and add a breath of fresh air and a renewed energy and spirit to the company culture.  Consider how you can incorporate a positive tone in your theme and messaging when promoting the event.

No matter what the goal of your event is, you want everyone to return to work inspired, energized, and with a renewed spirit—ready to move forward in powerful leaps. 

 Empower them with Knowledge—Teach Them Something New

Keep the lesson fun so your team is engaged.  Whether you are teaching a new skill or teaching them how to do a team building exercise, your team will feel more confidenT armed with new skills.

Introduce Incentives

Nothing inspires a team more than incentives.  Fuel your teams inner competitor by offering new incentives.  

Whether they are sales or performance incentives, or incentives to land new clients or meeting sales goals—every single one of us are inspired by incentives—it’s human nature!

There are so many fun incentive ideas to consider, and they don’t all have to be expensive in order to inspire your team.  There are plenty of budget friendly ideas for small businesses too! 


You get the idea…the options really are endless.  The point is, it gets your team inspired to do their best and reach their goals all while making them feel valued as employees.

Include Activities that Inspire Fun & Creativity

dancing at company events

Whether you simply want a night out for your team to relax, bond, and have fun together, or, if you want a cool atmosphere to celebrate sales goals or entertain clients, there are endless ways to include fun and creative activities that will leave everyone feeling refreshed and inspired.

Did you know dancing is one of the best tools for social bonding?  Taking your team or new clients out for a night of dancing lowers anxiety and creates an interconnectedness that will benefit all team and client relations.  Check out Public Bar Live’s Epic Rooftop Dance Floor for a night that will go down in company history!

Promote Your Event

Don’t forget to promote your event!  Drum up excitement with social media posts, emails, and maybe even some fun videos or memes.  

Employees will have fun engaging in content that builds excitement and gives them something to look forward to.

Create a fun hashtag and use it as often as possible and encourage your team to do the same.  

Create killer invites and tickets to hand out to your team as well.  Get creative and make them a visual party that’s hard to resist.

Remember, the more creative you are in your planning of your next company event, the more inspired your team will feel!  Creativity fuels inspiration…and that’s what you want…an inspired team!

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